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Lovers Are Artists (Part 2)

video, 11'50', sound, 16:9, 2012

Performer: Xiao Yongjia
On-site Directing: Fang Lu, Liu Xuan
Camera: A-Ke
Photography: Zhang Fang Lei
Sound Design: Roland Kniese, Fang Lu

“Someone In Love” is the role “She” is given to play. An artist’s studio is the space “She” occupies.

Such is the synopsis. In a pragmatic world like ours, anyone who allows himself / herself to fall in love is adventurous, since entering such a state means to be consumed, confused and isolated, and this is exactly what an artist experiences when he works alone in the studio. The imaginary character of “lover” and the artist co-exist via absurd actions invented in my video, so that the characters can be “creatively” productive. Finding art is increasingly difficult when we look around us; at the same time, we wonder if human beings have lost the capacity to love.

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