Structure of Sentiment

Two Channels Video, 15 min, 2012

Camera: Liang Rong, Xiao Fengyun
Production Assistant: Zhang Chenge
Production Photos: Xiao Bingfeng

woman: Zhou Chunhong
man: Li Hao
Stadium Staff: Pan Xiaoquan
Swimming Pool Staff: Chen Anqi, He Jun
Tennis Court Staff: Huang Jinxin, Du Yang
Chef: Xu Mengmeng

If people use politics, economy and science to explain our world, could we also use emotion to explain everything? By doing so - trusting a field without measurable parameters - will we fall into a void, an emptiness or can we gain new values from this perception.

In this piece created at Shenzhen Bay, I fiction a couple: who might be the employees of that stadium, or someone who is having a short stay in this place for various reasons. These scenarios are games, rituals or emotions without revealing clear reasons but based on lovers sentimental and emotional experiences. They are characters without narrative context. The scenes can be thought of as turning points of romantic relationships, or only consumption of time. This is a piece germinated by personal perception, carrying out absurd actions in the sport center and public spaces, which also leads to the re-thinking of the relationship between macro-functional architectural structures and personal day-to-day experience.

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