Cannibal Cafe

video, 1 hour, sound, 4:3, 2006

Camera: John Alston
Media Manager: Gray Genkins
Participants: Aaron Delehant, Kevin Copps, Rich, Shalo, Ricardo, Brice, Alfonso

This project is a simultaneous video production and exhibition opening. The narrative of the video appropriates news stories about Meiwes, known in the news media as the Rotenburg Cannibal. He provoked one of the most controversial court cases in Germany because Meiwes found his willing victim through an Internet advertisement, killed him and ate his body over a few months.

Some of the changing performers in the Cannibal Cafe video were walk-in gallery attendees and some are from a "Cannibal Cafe Open Casting Call" posted on the Internet prior to the show by the artist. Based on several simple scenarios provided to them, participants improvised performances as Meiwes and have dialogues with the actor who performing the victim.

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