Canton Novelty

single channel video, 25’, 16:9, sound, 2016, Mandarin and Cantonese dialogue with English and Chinese subtitle.

“Canton Novelty” is a work about “creating” miracles in our everyday life. Ruohan, Lily and Zoe, three girls who are closed friends, are spending summer vacation together in the southern city of China Guangzhou. They are curiously documenting their vacation time with their cell phones, but meanwhile they are discovering each of them have some super-power. They are exploring the city of Guangzhou with theirs wondrous abilities.

Staring: Deng Zoenie , Guo Qiuli, Zhong Ruohan

Guest Appearance: Luo Xiye, Chen Pai’an
Director of Cinematographer: Arie Kishon
Line Producer: Hui Sue
Sound Recording: Yang Dickid
Camera:Deng Zoenie , Guo Qiuli, Zhong Ruohan
Director and Editor: Fang Lu
Sound Effect and Mixing: Huang Hao
Sound Mixing Assistant: Xu Zhe
Music: Arie Kishon
Color Correction: HOMEBOY CINE Studio
Film By Artist project
presented by Guangzhou Zaidi Culture & Art Co., Ltd.
Producer: Susan Shen
Associate Producer: Bao Dong
Producer: Xie Meng
Project Director: Chen Youtong
Executive Director: Yuan Jiamin
Project Executive: Wang You

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