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No World

single channel video, 18', sound, 16:9, 2014

Li Yi
Wang Rui
Li Rui
Li Ying
Liu Yuze
Wang Shiqing
Liu Xing Zan
1008 (dog)

Director of Photography: Bai Yuxia
Photography: Bai Yuxia, Xu Qianchun
Line Producer: Li Shanshan
Director of Still Photography: Wang Ningde
Still Photography: Zheng Yi
Sound Recording: Lou Kun
Interlude: Li Daiguo
Ending Duo: Li Daiguo, Rick Parker
Lighting: Zhang Yinsheng

Six youths resides in an empty house. Their everyday life is gaming and to repeat violent behaviors without actual conflicts, and rehearsing forms of march and protest . Their action borns in our age of mediated images, and the age of unknown. These self-trainings become natural instinct and form of existence.

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