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video, 16', sound, 16:9, 2011

Model - Wang Jing
Make Up Artist: Nie Si Peng
Assistants: He Yi Qing, Ma Ai Hua, Liu Mao Dou
Cameraman: Zhao Ming Dong, Tang Gao Jian
Sound Design: Roland Kniese

Special Thanks to: A4 Contemporary Art Center

...Rotten, is marked by an unwavering stillness on behalf of the central figure and viewers are witness to a steady process of accumulation. A young model sits motionless on screen for sixteen minutes while various raw and cooked foods are applied to her head, arms and legs. The elaborate process of food preparation and adornment unfolds in real-time, subjecting viewers to an accretion of materials that simultaneously weighs upon the slow passage of time. And still, as the title implies, Rotten points to the expiration date built into such organic materials as well as the human body itself.

(Pauline Yao, Fang Lu - Between the Stage and Unstaged, Eclipse, Borges Libreria Contemporary Art Institute, 2011)

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