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Sea Of Silence

single channel video, 29’, or installed as three channels, each 6’51”; 9’28”; 10’22”, sound, 2015

The work is centered on the idea of speaking about love as a form of action. Three woman protaganists, as three distinctive individuals, talks to the camera on specific events and experience when they encounter love. They are situated in a remote deserts. This untamed environment is a new habitat for them to pursue new form of living.

Project produced by Artport Telaviv

Performance: Adaya Hadar, Hila OM, Zohar Kawaharada
Producer:Chen Serfaty, Renana Neuman
Project Advisor: Vardit Gross
Director of Cinematorgrapher: Arie Kishon
Sound: Eden Hadad
Lighting and AP: Gil Vesely
Art and Production Assistant: Samantha Adler De Oliveira
Additional Cinematography: Reanana Neuman
Sound Mixing: Cai Jielin
Subtitle Translation: Hung Yali
Subtitle: 123 Vision Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Special Thanks to: Sarah Blau, Hinda Weiss
Hadassar Restaurant, Utopia Equipment Rental

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