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The Secret of Supermoon

single channel video, 48’45”, sound, 16:9, 2015

How one choose to memorize and understand a person she loved or had relationship with. “The Secret of Supermoon” is a video initiated by artists speaking to different women on the subject of a “ex-lover”. These immensely personal and feminine narratives were brought into a insulated interior space, interweaved with each other to form a fictional time and space.

Performance: Olga Tzikuli, Joanna Petkiewicz, Silvia Camagni, Tiare Maldonado Hucke, Tanja Bresan, Angela de leon, Lauren Hart, Laura Rajanen, Zoé Cartier

Director of Cinematography: Dian Zagorchinov
Producer: Nicole Dedousi
Project Advisor: Rachel Rits-Volloch
Project Coordinator and Casting: Joanna Petkiewicz
Lighting Gaffer: Jens Thurmann
Cinematography Assistant: Lars-Kjeld Riedel
Sound Recordist: Makis Asimakopoulos
General Production Assistant: Humeyra Erdin
Production Assistant: Onur Akça, Aashish Poudel
DIT: Laura Nai
Still Photography: Marina Belikova

Music: Laura Rajanen(Violin), Zoé Cartier (Cello)
Sound Mixing: Lou Kun
Subtitle Transcription: Joanna Petkiewicz

Special Thanks to: haubrok foundation/FAHRBEREITSCHAFT for filming location

Project produced by: MOMENTUM
This project was made possible through the support of:Sammlung Hoffman
Die Gesellschaft für Deutsch-Chinesischen kulturellen Austausch

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