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Lovers Are Artists
Part 1: Amorous Acts

video with still images, four channels video installation, silent, 2012

Casting: Guan Xiao
Camera: Hai Li
Installation Photos: Wang Wei

Four slideshows composed out of thousands of images shot in the surrounding hutongs run on television monitors scattered throughout Arrow Factory's debris-filled rundown space. The images depict a lone female figure going about her daily activities of buying vegetables and eating yoghurt; but before long these mundane tasks turn towards the kooky and nonsensical as the items become immersed in fictional games and scenarios that yield no discernible outcome nor serve any functional purpose. Not unlike the artistic process, these apparently meaningless gestures are founded upon internal imbalances that inform an individual's perspective on the world and impact their encounters with reality...

-- Pauline Yao, Amorous Acts at Arrow Factory

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